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April 29, 2012

In the Upper Room

The Church's most important profession of faith is that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. This is not only true today, but it has always been true. The reality of the resurrection is assumed throughout the entire New Testament. The story recorded in this week's Scripture Focus teaches us about the very physical nature of Jesus' resurrected body. After teaching about the resurrection, this passage continues with teachings about how one comes to correctly understand the Christian Scriptures.

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The Gnostic Controversy

One of the most serious challenges Christianity faced early in its history was that of Gnosticism, a varied collection of religious doctrines that flourished in the second century. The Gnostics incorporated into their system any doctrine they found useful, including Christianity. This posed a crucial challenge for Christians. How did they confront this challenge? And how is this pertinent for believers today? Find out in this week's article.

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