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March 11, 2012

Jesus Prepares for the Cross

The Bible is brutally honest, revealing people as they are: both sinners and saints. Sometimes a bit of both. This week's Bible study is an example of this. It presents the dark and difficult hours of Gethsemane. We see the confused, weary, seemingly uncaring disciples. We discover as much about the nature and character of Jesus in the garden as we did from his earlier public ministry. Some of the most important lessons about Christian living are learned in the shadows of the olive trees.

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Gardens and Gethsemane

Gardens have been a reprieve for many, appealing to the senses and restoring to the soul. Since the first couple enjoyed walking with their Creator in the cool of the garden in Eden, gardens have ministered to anxious and weary hearts and provided tranquility and shelter from the busy pace of life after humanity's fall. Let's explore one garden in particular in this week's article.

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